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Information & FAQ

The JBiz Expo is an elite business networking expo in based in NJ's Raritan center but open to attendees and exhibitors from all over the US and further. In today's business world success is equally dependent on who you know as it is on what you do.


How many times have you looked at someone dominating an industry and thought "If I had his connections I could do that too"? JBiz Expo can help you get the connections you need to succeed.  With hundreds of premier exhibitors, and an attendance that numbers in the thousands including some of the biggest names in business and public policy, this is truly the business networking event of the year.


 To qoute President Barack Obama in a letter to event organizer Duvi Honig "Events like yours offer a chance to address shared challenges...our economy is strongest when we work together to ensure that all of our citizens have a chance at the American dream"






Why Your Business should Exhibit or Sponsor


Put simply,this is perhaps the largest crowd of successful business owners, entrepreneurs, innovators and funders to gather under one roof this year. The networking and growth potential of prominently positioning yourself at this event cannot be overstated. 


Show your expertise: 
Whether you are just starting a business or are an established and successful entrepreneur, you have spent countless hours gaining expertise in your field. The expo will give you an unparalleled opportunity to share your knowledge and build connections with potential service providers, funders and other business owners. These connections will give you an amazing advantage in your market and industry. 


Build Trust: 

It may be called "Business to Business"  but we all know that it is really "People to People". People are more likely to begin doing business and stay loyal to a company when they feel a personal relationship with somebody in it.  JBiz Expo will give you an opportunity to meet and build personal relationships with an enormous amount of succesful and sought after clients in a variey of markets and industries.


Frequently Asked Questions


What day is the expo?

June 1 – It is a One day Event


What time does the expo start?

Coming Soon…


How much does it cost to attend?

Preregistration: $35

Registration at the door: $65


How do I register as an attendee at the expo?

Attendee registration sales can be done online or at the expo.

You need a valid email address in order to register. We highly reccomend registering online to ensure your entry

When does attendee registration open?

Coming soon….


Do yourovide transportation to the Expo?

We do not provide transportation but there are public transportation options available. Directions can be found on the website.


Is the expo just for the NY/NJ area?


No we have both attendees and exhibitors from all over the US, Canada and 7 countries around the world! If you want to network it doesn’t matter where you live, you can join the expo whether you are local or live thousands of miles away.


Are there accommodations and kosher food available?

The Sheraton Edison offers special rates for our group on our specific dates. Please visit the link through the website and reserve earlier rather than later to guarantee availability. You can also call them and tell them that you are part of the group called “Parnassah” to make reservations. Accommodations are available for both attendees and exhibitors.
There is a shuttle between the hotel and the Expo Center.

The Expo has a food vendor that will be selling food (Pareve/Dairy Cholov Yisrael). Additional food can be purchased in the nearby Edison NJ community.


Should I come as an attendee or an exhibitor?

If you are a service based business, you probably want to consider joining as an exhibitor. By being an exhibitor you are a physical location for other businesses to find you. It will give you extra exposure and opportunities to meet people that otherwise may be more difficult to find in the crowd. Exhibiting is not for every business type, please consult with our sales team to see if it is a good fit for your business. Exhibitors range from small businesses to those large in size, all with one goal in mind: to do Business, Network, and Grow.


Your past expos have featured Career and Education sections, will the JBiz expo feature that as well?

The main feature of the Expo is business and the attendees are mainly business focused. However, we know the power of networking and recommend all businesses that are looking to hire and fill positions to advertise that within their booths. Education opportunities are welcome to showcase and sponsor as well. Please Contact our sales department.


How many people typically come to the event as attendees?

Our Expos typically attract a crowd of several thousand attendees


Can I place an ad in the directory given out at the expo?

Please contact our Sales Department


Is there Wifi available?

Wifi is available for purchase on site through the Expo Center’s exclusive company. 


I have a service that can benefit exhibitors for their booth setup. How can I contact them?

First, you need to be signed up as a member of our Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce in order to have your service promoted through us. ( Please contact us once you are registered and we can discuss the options. We NEVER give our exhibitor list or any other information to outside services (please don’t even ask!) but we do have ways to let them know.


How do I get my registration badge?

Badge Pick up will be at registration at the expo.



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