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A Parnassah Expo Event

June 1 2016

New Jersey
Convention & Exposition Center
Edison, NJ

JBiz Expo


A B2B Networking Event for Businesses and Service Providers 


 Our "B2B" in essence is really "P2P"   

People to People.


Make your business more human by putting a name, face and relationship to it by exhibiting at the Expo.

You can do business with a person, an identity, and not just an unknown logo or company.


 "Events like yours offer a chance to address shared you gather in New Jersey I wish you the best for a productive exposition "
  - Barack H. Obama -
President of The United States of America
"I join with all those gathered today in applauding Parnassah Network on a job well done"-
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie  
"I want to express my appreciation for the work that this event does to support the small business community"-
New Jersey Senator Cory Booker 
Where Great Things Happen
The #1 Business Networking Exposition
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