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Meet Our Coaches

Allan H Glazer 


Allan H. Glazer is founder and CEO of AHG Consulting, a high powered business consulting company with no nonsense approach to networking and marketing. Allan has used his wide range of Business and Technology experience to bring his clients an unprecedented level of exposure. Allan has worked closely with business owners and sales representatives for the last 20 years to improve their marketing capabilities and then convert those contacts to clients. Years of success have made Allan H. Glazer among the most sought after business professionals on the East Coast business scene. Allan has a fresh eye and is able to see several immediate solutions that are obvious yet invisible to you. Not only does Allan bring solution but helps a person accelerate towards that solution.

Avi Rosenthal 


Avi Rosenthal is an Ecommerce Consultant at Rosy Deals.

Rosy Deals, has been helping Amazon sellers for over 5 years boosting sales in many categories. 

Avi Rosenthal, has single handedly opened over 50 Amazon accounts for many of his clients, and reopened many closed accounts.

Furthermore we have what it takes to get you approved in many restricted categories, such as health & personal care, and beauty.

At Rosy Deals we have a team of professionals who source products that can be sold on 

Join our list of successful Amazon sellers to receive our deals on a daily basis.


Effective, dedicated Career Services, Executive/Life/Career Coaching and Organizational Development professional. Passionately committed to providing students/clients with the life skills to envision what is possible and to take the actions to achieve their personal and professional goals. Intuitive, collaborative, empowering, positive, problem-solver.

Personal philosophy: There is a plethora of phenomenally awesome, yet simple, wisdom in the Universe that can be harnessed to propel individuals and their organization to new levels of achievement and success.

Specialties:Extensive hands-on experience and proven track record in the areas of:
• Career/life coaching
• Executive coaching
• Organizational analysis/consulting
• Workshop design and facilitation
• Public speaking
• Leadership development
• Team development
• Diversity training
• Change management
• Mentoring program set-up and management

Deborah Gallant, MBA

Dynamic small biz coach: COACH | CONSULTANT | SPEAKER: Laser focus, short-term, results-oriented

Columbia MBA with no-nonsense approach and laser-focus clarity. Short-term coaching and consulting for small business owners: identify a unique (profitable) niche, develop strategy and marketing and help with all things related to smart, pragmatic Internet marketing. 

Work with service providers and professional practices like organizers, insurance, real estate, coaches, consultants, therapists, healers of all kinds---nutrition, acupuncture,massage, etc. 
Recently launched a joint-venture to work with medical practices converting over to concierge medicine.

Organizer of frequent networking and lead-sharing events and educational workshops.

Specialties: Internet advisor, entrepreneurs, ideas, startups, small business startups, writing, public speaking, teaching, marketing, materials development, logistics, strategy, competitive analysis

Sara N. Brejt, Esq., CPC

Sara N. Brejt, Esq., CPC, is certified to administer today's popular career-assessment tools, integrating professionalism - having worked as an attorney - with strong personal values, in a warm, accepting atmosphere. As one of her clients succinctly put it, she is "sweet but focused". 
Her specialty is coaching the mid-life woman returning to work and she enjoys helping people gain clarity in making decisions, formulating goals and actualizing their potential.

Chanina Katz 


Chanina Katz has over two decades of award winning experience in major ad agencies on the East and West Coasts, developing strategies and campaigns for such clients as Colgate, R.J. Reynolds, Hilton, Home Depot, KFC, Hanes, Mars Candies, General Mills, and many other Fortune 500 companies. His campaigns have helped generate well over one billion dollars in sales for companies in the package goods, retail and service industries. He has won numerous national and international advertising awards, including the New York Advertising Club, the International Film &TV Festival and a Clio nomination.

As a consultant, he helps small to medium size businesses uncover their hidden marketing strengths through the integration of proven Madison Ave marketing principles and strategies. His philosophy is that the only goal of advertising is to help clients ‘empty warehouses’. He can be reached at

Naphtali Hoff, M.Ed.

Naphtali Hoff, M.Ed., is an accomplished executive coach, educator, leader, and sought after lecturer. He holds two master’s degrees in education and educational leadership, respectively, and is presently pursuing doctoral studies in human and organizational psychology, which analyzes successful individual or organizational change and development. Naphtali’s practical, action-oriented approach to coaching and training has endeared him to his many clients. His personal experience in the leadership field allows him to understand leaders’ needs and craft solutions to help them optimize their performance and success.

Shoshana Raff, MScA, MSW

Shoshana Raff, MScA, MSW is a Business Consultant and Coach specializing in strategy, marketing & digital media for entrepreneurs and start-ups who want to ‘accel’-erate their growth. She is also an Adjunct Professor of Social Media Marketing, Advertising & Entrepreneurship at Touro College’s LCW Manhattan campus.

Chaim Shapiro M. Ed

Award Winning Career Services Professional** LinkedIn Consultant and Thought Leader ** Author and Public Speaker

• Hands on Career Services professional providing strategic vision and planning, employer relations, assessment and student counseling
• Markets Career Services office and recruits employer partners through use of strong communication and problem solving abilities 
• Active in professional associations offering transformative leadership, creative suggestions and close attention to detail
• Social Media pioneer, Career Services LinkedIn leader and founder and co-host of Career Services Twitter chat #CareerServChat

LinkedIn Consultant- LinkedIn Data Mining 


Moshe Kravitz

Moshe Kravitz, Certified Career Coach - Five O’Clock Club

Director of Finance - IDT Telecom

Moshe guides his clients in selecting appropriate targets and in marketing

themselves effectively.

His experience includes many years as an educator, actuarial positions at

CNA Insurance and Buck Consultants and his position as Director of Financial

Planning and Analysis at a major telecommunications-energy company.

Everywhere he works, Moshe demonstrates a passion for helping others to improve their skills

and efficiency. With this passion he helps job seekers to hone their job search skills, enabling them to

land offers more quickly and at higher salaries.

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