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Who should take a booth at the expo?

Exhibitors are businesses that have a service to offer other businesses.  Services vary in industry but have in common that their customer and client base are business owners or decision makers. This can be general service businesses like graphics, accounting, product photography, software, training courses, etc and it can be a little more out of the box as well as long as the attendee demographic of business owners and decision makers make sense to be your customers too.

Who can /should attend the expo?

Attendees are generally business owners. Male and Female. Large and small businesses. Decision makers and managers in companies attend as well even if they are not the owner. Business of any type whether they are service or retail based. Whether they are freelance, online, or brick and mortar. Anyone that wants to network can join. Even those that feel that networking can lead to a job position can join as well.

Is the expo just for the NY/NJ area only?

Not at all. Attendees and exhibitors attend from all over the US, Canada, Israel the UK and several other countries around the world.

What day is the expo?

June 15, 2017 – It is a one day event

What time does the expo start?


  • Doors Open 9:00am (for Conference Tickets Only)

  • The conference seminars begin at 10:00am and run until 1:00pm

  • The exhibit floor opens at 10:30am and will close at 6:00pm

  • Please Note: You need to purchase special tickets to attend the conference seminars.

How much does it cost to attend?


  • Exhibit Floor Only:

Advanced Registration is $25

Onsite Registration is $36


  • Conference & Exhibit Floor:

Advanced Registration is $35

Onsite Registration is $46


What is the difference between the conference and the Expo?


Expo only ticket price includes viewing exhibits on the expo floor and any workshops or entertainment on the expo floor. It does not include conference portion or keynote speaker.


Conference and Expo tickets are all inclusive.

We offer a separate conference in the morning prior to the expo with educational seminars. The conference runs from 10:00am to 1:00pm.

How do I register as an attendee?


  • Attendee registration can be completed on our website in advance at a discount rate or at the expo at full price.

  • A valid email address is required in order to register.

  • We highly recommend registering online in advance to save time and have shorter lines.

How can I get my registration badge?


Badge pick-up for preregistered attendees will be at the special Pre-registration counters at the expo.

When does attendee registration open?


It's Open! Register through the link on the homepage


Do you provide transportation to the Expo?


At this time we do not have private transportation available.

There are public transportation options available.

Directions by car can be found on the Travel page on this website.


We also may post any flight deals that come to our attention on our facebook page for out of towners to join as well.



Are there accommodations and kosher food available?


  • Our guests stay at the Sheraton Edison Hotel. There are other hotels in the area as well. Please reserve rooms, earlier rather than later to guarantee availability.

  • The accommodations are available for both attendees and exhibitors.

  • There is a shuttle between the hotel and the Expo Center.

  • The Expo has 2 food vendors on site - a dairy Chalav Yisroel one and a Meat one. Both under Hasgacha.

  • Additional food is available in the nearby Edison NJ Jewish community.


Should I come as an attendee or an exhibitor?


As an Exhibitor you will receive excellent bang for your buck. Exhibits are comparatively inexpensive and give you a physical location where you will make contact with many people that will bring lasting value to your business.


As an Attendee, you will be able to meet others but the crowd won’t find you. And they won’t be able to see what you have to offer.


Exhibiting gives you extra exposure and opportunities to meet people that otherwise would never cross your path.


Exhibiting is not for every business type. Please consult with our sales team to see if it is a good fit for your business by emailing


Attending the expo is beneficial for any business owner, entrepreneur, freelancer, and anyone looking to network.


Is the Jbiz Expo a Job Fair


The focus of the Expo is business. When businesses grow they create job opportunities.


However, we have seen the power of networking and we therefore recommend that all businesses that are looking to fill positions should advertise that within their booths. 


Education opportunities are welcome to showcase at the JBiz Expo as well.


How many people are expected to attend the JBiz Expo?


More than a thousand attendees make their way to the Jbiz Expo.


Can I place an ad in the directory given out at the expo?


Anyone can place an ad if there is space. Must be reserved by June 5th.


Will Wifi be available?


Wifi is available for purchase on site through the Expo Center’s hot spots.

I have a service that can benefit exhibitors for their booth setup. How can I contact them?


Join our Chamber of Commerce – and we send our exhibitors to search there for services. It is free to sign up as a member by. 

Please contact us once you are registered and we will discuss the options available to you to service our exhibitors. We NEVER give our exhibitor list or any other information to outside services, but we can let them know about you.

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