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Frequently Asked Questions




What day is the expo?


June 1, 2016 – It is a one day event


Is the expo just for the NY/NJ area?


No. Attendees and exhibitors attend from all over the US, Canada and several countries around the world.


As a business owner, should I be an Exhibitor or an Attendee?


As an Exhibitor you will receive excellent bang for your buck. Exhibits are comparatively inexpensive and give you a physical location where you will make contact with many people that will bring lasting value to your business.


As an Attendee, you will be able to meet others but the crowd won’t find you. And they won’t be able to see what you have to offer.


Exhibiting gives you extra exposure and opportunities to meet people that otherwise would never cross your path.


Exhibiting is not for every business type. Please consult with our sales team to see if it is a good fit for your business.


How much does it cost to exhibit?


Booth options begin at $1200. Please Contact our Sales department for more information.


I’m a new, very small, or one-person company and I don't have the budgeting for a standard exhibit. What other options are there?


The expo features a section for small business tables for only $600. Please contact our sales department for more information.


When can exhibitors start setting up their booths?

Set up begins on May 31st. Times will be announced at a later date.


When does the exhibit floor open to attendees?

Doors open to attendees on June 1 at 10:15am.

Conference attendees will join the exhibit floor after 1:00 pm


Will the Exhibitors have access to wifi and electricity?


Wifi is available for purchase on site through the Expo Center’s exclusive company. 


Electricity is available for purchase through the Expo center in advance. There is a cutoff date for reserving. Exhibitors will receive a  manual with all pertinent information. You can also visit the NJ Convention and Exposition Center Website to view their standard forms.


How can I make my business stand out at the expo?


First and foremost, by putting effort into create an attractive booth. If you prepare properly you will stand out.


Additionally, you can choose to purchase a special location booth, such as an End Cap or multiple booths for more exhibit space.


Sponsorships and advertising at the JBiz expo are another great way to brand yourself that will make sure that you stand. Please contact our sales department for more information.


Will the JBiz Expo feature Career and Education sections as the Parnassah Expo has in the past? 


The main focus of the Expo is business.


However, we have seen the power of networking and we therefore recommend that all businesses that are looking to fill positions should advertise that within their booths. (WE ARE HIRING...)


Education opportunities are welcome to showcase at the JBiz Expo and can utilize our Sponsorships as well. Please Contact our sales department.


How many people are expected to attend the JBiz Expo?


Our Expos typically attract a crowd of several thousand attendees


Can I place an ad in the directory given out at the expo?


Advertising pricing is listed in the exhibitor registration portal.



Can exhibitors get extra tables and chairs as needed?


All extra furnishing needs to be ordered through the Expo Center’s Management Company. Exhibitors will receive a manual with all pertinent information including adding in tables and chairs.


I have a service that can benefit exhibitors for their booth setup. How can I contact them?


Only members of our Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce will be included in exhibit servicing opportunities. It is free to sign up as a member by visiting

Please contact us once you are registered and we will discuss the options available to you to service our exhibitors. We NEVER give our exhibitor list or any other information to outside services, but we can let them know about your service.


How do I get my registration badge?


You will need to make sure that your staff registration information is completed correctly on the exhibitor portal. Badge pick-up will be at the registration counters at the expo.


I need to add additional staff for my booth. Is this an option?


You can purchase additional staff badges through the exhibitor portal.


Are there accommodations and is kosher food available?


  • We reserved special rates for our guests at the Sheraton Edison Hotel on our specific dates.

  • Please visit the link found on our Accommodations page and reserve rooms, earlier rather than later to guarantee availability.

  • You can call the hotel directly to reserve. You must mention that you are with the Parnassah group to receive the discount rate.

  • The accommodations are available for both attendees and exhibitors.

  • There is a shuttle between the hotel and the Expo Center.

  • The Expo has a food vendor that will be selling Pareve/Dairy Cholov Yisrael.

  • Additional food is available in the nearby Edison NJ Jewish community. (Click here for more Edison Kosher information). 


Will there be seminar sessions when the exhibit floor is open?


This year we will be offering a separate conference in the morning.

We will not be drawing attendees off of the exhibit floor the entire afternoon. 

However, there may be a few small privately sponsored workshops throughout the day. This will not effect the overall networking traffic for our exhibitors.

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