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Attendee Information

Expo Date: June 15, 2017


Details Coming Soon...



NJ Convention & Exposition Center

97 Sunfield Ave - Edison, NJ




Expo Floor: 

$25 Advance      $36 On-Site


Conference & Expo Floor:  

$35 Advance     $46 On-Site


The JBiz Expo is an elite business networking event hosted by the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce (OJC) and an offshoot of the annual Parnassah Expo.


JBiz Expo is a professional and powerful platform for connecting service- based businesses with various business entities, creating lasting relationships and unlimited potential. Located in New Jersey, it attracts attendees and exhibitors from all over the US and Canada, as well as from multiple communities around the world. In today's business world, success is often dependent on who you know and not just what you do.


JBiz Expo was fashioned to help facilitate connections that are necessary for any company to succeed and thrive.  With hundreds of premier exhibitors, and thousands of attendees, JBiz Expo is truly the business networking event of the year. No business is too big or too small to participate, this being one of the secrets of our success.


The JBiz Expo will offer a morning conference, featuring professional seminars presented by successful individuals, geared at helping your business thrive.


President Obama penned in an open letter to our CEO: "Events like yours offer a chance to address shared challenges...our economy is strongest when we work together to ensure that all of our citizens have a chance at the American dream".


Join us as a Sponsor, Exhibitor, or Attendee and help your business grow and succeed.


Let JBiz make the difference in YourBiz!

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